My Favorite Car Rental Company – enVus Motosports

Posted By on Oct 27, 2015 |

Have you ever wanted to go to Los Angeles and enjoy in beautiful sunsets and landscapes ? Yes, but you don’t have a car for cruising around the Santa Monica or Anaheim ? No problem, that’s why you have car rentals !
Everywhere you go, you can find car rentals. Since people need a ride when they arrive to a foreign country or city, car rentals usually can be found at the airports. Of course, each company has its own rules and prices, but generally the process of car renting is almost the same in every company. The car rental companies have a wide range of customers, like in every business and even some of the customers always come back to the same company when they need a car. This is called distinguishable reputation – one of the most important things in car rental business.
EnVus car rentals is the company that I have visited so many times. The very first time when I got to Orange County, I went to their company by a recommendation of an old friend, who also many times used their service. Their knowledge about every detail and sophisticated relation to guests is unbelievable. When I came for the first time, I rented Lamborghini Aventador, since I was in Orange County for several days with my wife. There is no need to talk too much about Aventador – like every Lamborghini, this is one is a real beast with 602 hp and v10 engine that can reach 60 km/h for just 2.9 seconds, but if you give it more time and space, it can develop maximum speed up to 325 km/h. I have really enjoyed those days, when I was riding with my wife along the beaches in Santa Monica. All I can say about the car are just two words : supreme car ! Strongly recommended for renting, if you decide to go with enVus company.
As I have said, I have rented cars in this company many times, but my second time was the best one. They gave me discount of 50% on luxury cars due to the fact that I’ve rented car in their company several months ago. So I decided to go with T Rex – a three wheel car, which rides up to 225 km/h. This time I was alone in Orange County – I was on business trip. As I had free evenings for exploring the city, I started T Rex and hit the road. First of all, T Rex doesn’t have doors, so it’s amazing when you feel light wind in your hair while driving the road, listening to your favorite rock band. Oh yes, this car has hot sound system that can easily make you deaf. So be careful with it ! The possibility of cutting corners is more than available with this car, but anyway lookout for unwanted traffic, otherwise you insurance will not be paid in vain.
I have traveled around the world and always rented cars. But enVus is somehow my favorite car rental company and these two cars mentioned above are my favorite – they bring me some valuable memories! So next time I come around the Orange County, I will definitely visit them again and who knows – maybe I see you there too !